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Script Writing

DSTAR Academy train aspiring scriptwriters in the fundamentals of story and script and screenwriting. The programme starts from scratch, with the seed of an idea to right upto completing a professional script in accordance with industry standards. The students are trained in ideation, three act structure, developing character, plotting and scene structure.

In DSTAR Academy students are exposed to sessions and workshops with guest lectures from professionals working in the industry.

Why DSTAR for Script Writing?

The first half of the programme concentrates on the foundations of script writing. Sessions will focus on understanding how storytelling in Film is different from other media, how to create cinematic characters, understanding the classical three-act structure of film, how to brainstorm and develop your story. In the second section the students learn how to develop the story further using different tools of plotting, understanding the importance of structure in a film, and focusing on how scenes are created and how they come together to function as one organic whole.

DSTAR Mission

Our Aim is to draft coursework that empowers writers of all backgrounds--actors, filmmakers, producers, executives, attorneys, bloggers, to write quickly and to learn tools for collaboration. Basic Training is taught in the context of our main mission of full development yet is not a prerequisite for Professional Membership. We raise the screenwriter that are the one who breathes initial life into the characters, worlds, and dramas unfolding on screen.