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Production Management

Production management means planning, organising, directing and controlling of production activities. Production management deals with converting raw materials into finished goods or products.
At DSTAR Academy, we guide the students in planning, organizing, directing and controlling the production process. Production Management refers to the application of management principles to the production function in a factory. Dedicated to producing, acquiring, marketing and distributing films which inspire, uplift, and entertain audiences for over a decade.

Why DSTAR for Production Management?

At DSTAR Academy, we teach students coordinating and controlling the activities required to make a product, typically involving effective control of scheduling, cost, performance, quality, and waste requirements. As a production manager, you'll be involved with the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes. You'll make sure goods and services are produced efficiently.

DSTAR Mission

DSTAR Academy aims in inspiring students and uplifting thier talent in fields which they are most intrested. The use of film production for students enables stories to not just be told but rather experienced by the audience. Beautiful imagery, music, lighting and editing allow our clients to re-create their stories to share them with others.