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DSTAR Academy presents piano courses for all ae group, piano allows you to play multiple notes at a time—unlike a saxophone or bassoon—it is by far the best instrument for learning music theory. Theory teachers frequently use the piano to play chords and explain other concepts. Keyboard instruments are the most versatile of all instrument families.
DSTAR Academy has reviewed and selected the best piano proessionals of all levels of experience and skill. Whether you are a complete beginner who's never played piano before, an intermediate with some experience or an advanced piano player, we will guide you under the experts.

Why should one learn Piano?

Playing the Piano well is interesting! It increases the capacity of your memory, It refines your time management and organizational skills, Piano boosts your team skills and teaches you perseverance. Piano also enhances your coordination and betters your mathematical ability, improves your reading and comprehension skills and also increases your responsibility.


This course is broken down into 3 different sections. Basic, intermediate, and advanced.

1. Basic Level is the first level that aims to help complete beginners commence their journey in learning classical piano. You will acquire the right finger techniques to play the piano and learn how to read a classical sheet. You will also be exposed to chords and harmonization to give you a better understanding and appreciation for music.

2. Intermediate Level deals with knowledge and techniques through a variety of repertoire written by the great masters from the four major periods of Western Music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century.

3. Advanced level deals with how it feels to play the piano at an advanced level is control: control over tension and relaxation, control of sound. advanced piano playing has a specific purpose, which may be intended to serve the sound, note accuracy, precision of timing and dynamics, and memory.

Call today to fully learn the piano and become an amazing musician.