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At DSTAR Academy, while giving theoretical & aesthetic inputs in Film Direction, we add something very important in the Film Making Course, which is - Direction, hands on practical training in all the technical departments of Filmmaking. The course emphasizes telling a story cinematically in terms of action and character portrayal. Students learn Film Direction concepts with realistic and empathetic characters, Shooting Script conventions and format, Actors characteristics of established genres. As an Artist Film Direction process is much more challenging for Film Maker.

Why DSTAR for Direction?

At DSTAR Academy, we teach Film Direction, icluding Screenplay writing, Cinematography, lighting, lensing, camera operations & camera movements, Sync Sound Recording on location including complex miking & the use of latest hard disk based multi-track recorders, Editing on non-linear editing systems like FCP. Learn media management, digitization, basic cut-to cut editing, adding transitions, adding filters, time remapping, final mastering & exporting edited material, Acting, including training in facing the camera, diction & improvisation, Film Direction.

DSTAR Mission

At DSTAR Academy our students also undergo rigorous study in several co-curricular faculties like Film Appreciation, International Art Literature Culture, Production Design & Music. We provide industry-oriented course curriculum that is a unique hybrid of theoretical and practical aspects that ensure a collaborative learning process through interactive sessions with the film industry experts, and hands-on experience of practicing the craft on a regular basis.