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At DSTAR Academy, we helps students learn cinematography while setting a course for landing a job in the industry. Cinematography is the art or technique of movie photography, including both the shooting and the processing of the image. The style and the special effects associated with cinematography are completely different and unique for each film, based on how specific techniques are masterfully combined by the DOP(director of photography). At DStar we teach students that, cinematography is the science & art of motion-picture photography by recording light and other electromagnetic radiation. Cinematography Courses have a very wide scope in the field of movie making, music videos, documentaries, ad films , television programs

Why DSTAR for Cinematography?

At DSTAR Academy, We've compiled a list of the best cinematography techniques to guide students that may help in thier further shoots. With our Experts, knowing how to light blind means you can prelight a set, judge already existing practical lighting on a location scout and protects against poorly calibrated monitors. We help build you as a Cinematographer who is able to judge the creative quality of his lighting just with his eyes. He can judge the technical quality with a light meter.

DSTAR Mission

DSTAR Academy aims in offering best cinematography courses which gives practical training in film and television. We aims in preparing the students to become complete filmmakers, who will be able to create professionally made films with highest production quality even on a limited budget. Professional filmmakers, cinematographers, sound designers, editors.