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DSTAR Academy is among the finest acting school for talented individuals who wish to pursue careers as actors and writers in the entertainment industry. Established in 2000, it is the only school for actors and writers who is professionally active and looking forward for career in the field of Acting

Looking to polish your acting techniques?
DSTAR Academy presents tips on headshots, monologues, voiceover, and training advices. DSTAR Academy programs for children of all age groups right from kindergarten to Adults.

Why DSTAR for Acting?

There would be practice sessions in classes under the best acting gurus & well-known acting experts. DSTAR Academy, using your full imagination, analyzing scripts, planning both the inner life and actions of a character, developing a rich resonate voice and an expressive physical life are the skills that allow an actor to create a truthful, complex plan for a performance that doesn't betray the amount of work that went into it. DSTAR Academy offers courses and workshops that answer to the educational needs of both beginning and experienced professional actors. We assist in raising the levels of professionalism in the media to compare with the highest in the world.

DSTAR Mission

DSTAR Academy inspire, initiate and motivate truth-oriented transformation so you can become all that you can be - both, as an individual and as a contributor to a higher cause. With focuses ranging from Body Language and Meditation to Music and Stress Management, we ensure a holistic, comprehensive and unique process of discovery that will both excite and enhance. We motivate you to look into yourself and unleash your potential and also, distil your sense of purpose and guide you to places beyond current ambition and imagination. You are unique. Thus, we strive for you to amplify that uniqueness and become all that you can be - both, as an individual and as a contributor to a higher cause.