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All About DSTAR Academy

DSTAR Academy is a organisation working in the field of reforming the perception towards PERFORMING ARTS, FILM MAKING SKILLS & SPORTS ACTIVITIES and empowering the children and their parents to think of the above activities in terms of a full fledge profession, much beyond part time hobby. Our vision is too make the above activities accessible, acceptable, lovable and likeable for all.
DSTAR Academy not only helps in improving persons physical attributes but also believes to maintain proper mental balance through various Yoga, Meditation, Acting Sessions.
DSTAR Academy conducts these activities under the guidance of highly trained professionals and with adequate safety measures.. The knowledge and skill thus gained will be utilized for betterment and improvement in all the spheres of society, thereby helping in the nation building process. We therefore welcome people from all professions and all age groups to reinvent themselves like never before like with DSTAR

Know our Values

DSTAR's core values define our culture, beliefs, principles and practices in the conduct of our operations and dealing with our stakeholders. Our vision, mission and goals are aligned with our value system. These values are influenced by the individual values and beliefs carried by the founders, management, employees and volunteers of the organization.

Pro Active

We are here because of the challenges that persist in providing quality training for various activities stated above society. We are and will continue to proactively take initiatives to provide facilities to our emerging STARS.


We believe our role is to nurture the skills, talents & values in our stakeholders – children and adults; to unearth the hidden potential and talent in them and to help build a better, talented and creative nation.


We take an empathetic view in addressing the needs of our artists and performers. We encourage our STARS to develop empathy and other essential qualities of humanity such as respect for all.


Our passion and commitment to the cause we work for and associate with, not only drives us but inspires society at large to create the change we envision.


We promote volunteerism as a way of life among the people of this nation and help in channelizing their energy and potential towards the cause.

Team Work

We believe that team work will help us achieve the best possible outcomes and overcome challenges effectively. This includes developing mutual trust, working in harmony, providing constructive feedback towards individual and team development.

Continous Improvement

By constant learning, creativity, innovation and feedback, we believe a culture of continuous improvement will help in creating a bigger impact.


We stand on the foundations of an ethical environment guided by equality, integrity, trust and transparency.


To help build a more creative, influential, equal and socially conscious society. To teach the basics of fine art in a supportive and challenging learning environment.

- by respecting each student as an individual artist with their own creative ideas.

- through communication and gentle encouragement students blossom.

- by being knowledgeable and present for our students.

-Once skill and creativity are released, the imagination soars forever.


To bridge the societal gap in sports and other performing activities by providing quality access to the under-privileged as well as other citizens. To provide a platform for talented youth wanting to showcase their talent and creativeness in front of the entire nation and to mould themselves into tomorrow's role models.

Star Academy has group exhibits of student artwork. Family members are invited to enjoy the gallery exhibition. Parent communication is encouraged and always welcome.