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Learning Abacus can be an amazing, life-changing experience. Our program encourages students to discover their inner talent.
The Abacus provides maths learning by using the Japanese Abacus (also known as the 'Soroban'). You will learn through the use of various engaging maths related activities such as puzzles, games, videos and audio activities.
At DStar, we believe that every child has the ability to be good at maths. What your child needs is the right approach and learning environment. Whether you feel your child needs more of a challenge or you just want your child to feel confident keeping up with their peers, The DStar is results-driven.. 

Why Abacus?

1. Develops Mental Maths Ability

2. Computes with Accuracy & Speed

3. Boosts Confidence

4. Increases Concentration Span

5. Improves Attitude towards learning Maths

6. Integrates the use of Sight, Sound and Finger Movement

7. Develops Spatial Ability

8. Excellent for Children with Maths learning Difficulty

9. Beneficial for Visual and tactile learners